Innovation & Growth with Blockchain / Smart Contract

Our Vision:
Growing means developing Assets:
– Material assets: Land, building, machinery, IT equipment,inventory, shares…
– Intangible assets: Industrial properties, copyrights, knowledge, human capital…
Proprietary rights must be perfectly well enforced at any level.
So Everybody can enjoy the protection of their assets, they can invest and innovate.

Our Solution:
We can work at any level of granularity, the possibilities are limitless: any single asset, nano item, micro event, word within an agreement…

We can decompose, register, record and track them.

We build a digital platform to easily enable Relationships, Network, Proof of ownership, Exchange and Transfer.

We can develop “smart contracts”, ie instructions for performing tasks that automatically execute under certain conditions.
We can digitise and automate any legal agreement, order, form, billing & accounting operation…

Business Cases:
– In the insurance industry, the product is a contract, so we can easily “blockchain” them.
– Driverless cars will automatically pay for toll roads, parking, insurance…
– Machine-to-machine commerce.