Search + Voice + AI / Apps iOS & Android

For the French Post Office, we have delivered a comprehensive Voice I/O solution comprising of a Voice-to-Meaning module, Semantic Search and Mobile Applications.
La POSTE is the Public limited company providing the following services in France: Letter post, parcel service, banking, insurance, mobile network operator.

The assignment:
• Define the objectives for the Voice recognition, Voice-to-text module, Natural language & Semantic Search
• Map the user needs and the business objectives
• Define the Research & Development program needed to reach the objectives
• Source the partners, define the planning, the budget
• Build the solution: design, development, prime contracting
• Manage the project

Key Points:
Success of the R&D program
Completion of the different components: Voice-to-text module, Text-to-Meaning module and Semantic Search
Release of the iOS & Android Applications
End-to-end project management to deliver the working solution to our client.