Fintech / Crowdfunding Equity Platform For SME

For one start-up, we carried out a study and participated in the building of a Crowdfunding Equity Platform for SMEs.

The Markets Forces and the Opportunity:
SMEs need to invest and to innovate, they are looking for funds
They also want a better, quicker and smoother process to get funds in time
Banks have restrained credit
Investors look for investments and seek yields
Investors could fund SMEs in return for equity
Our Technolgy enables to fill the gap and match Supply and Demand: Platform, Social & collective intelligence, sharing & collaborative networks

Our Solution:
• For SMEs and Investors who are dissatisfied with the banks and financial markets, our product is a Crowdfunding Equity Platform that matches SMEs and Investors.
• Our product is a Digital Platform + a Digital Corporate management + a social network.

Key Points:
• We use technology to provide the right solution: Platform, social networks, Cloud, data, algoritm
• We develop a digital platform for Equity Crowdfunding for SMEs
• Front-end & back-end, CRM, social network
• Online offering of private company securities
• Social network of Investors, a community to share infos, tips, advice…
• Raise capital by running crowdfunding campaigns
• Invest in SMEs: search and source invstments opportunities
• SRM: Shareholders Relationships Management
• DCM: Digital Corporate Management: all documents and processes are digitized and automated (due diligence process, shareholders’meeting, communication, annual reports…)