Plateform – Video – Hardware

For a startup, we participated in the building of, the Digital Art Device “for display, distribution, and sales of video art…that brings art to people life”.

DAD is a comprehensive ecosystem for Art Video that takes inspiration from Apple
Targeted end-users are private collectors, art aficionados, private foundations, private offices & lobbies, reception halls, Hospitality industry, etc.

The assignment:
• Map the user needs, UX/UI and customer journeys
• Define the technical solutions
• Build the solution: design, roadmap, draft of statement of work
• Source or/and develop the right components: APIs, Front-end and Back-end
• Manage the initial project

Key Points:
Sourcing of the bespoke hardware made of a screen, a set-top box/mini PC with Wifi
Development of the Platform Back-end, which is a developer portal that digitizes and automates all process for content providers
Development of the Platform Front-end enabling Customers to browse the store, buy content and view/download it.