DATA, CRM & IT Architecture

For an AAA Insurance group, we carried out a study to find the best solution to implement a new CRM and the impact on the Data in a complex IT environment.

The assignment:
• Analyze the new CRM solution, problem Analysis
• Analyze how the Datalake of our client and the data warehouse of CRM could work together
• Identify the impact of the new CRM on the IS & IT
• Identify how data are produced and used, and how it should be improved for the current and future business needs,
• Generate possible Solutions and review market best practices
• Select the best solution combining strategic vision and operational plan
• Work on the next course of actions

Key Points:
Make the business more data-driven AND ensure our client keeps the ownerships of her Data
Design the solution & workflow for different services to access and work with Data
Manage the implementation of the new hybrid architecture