Novamint in Singapore

Novamint is delighted to announce the opening of Novamint Pte Ltd, our new office in Singapore. The new company operates in Singapore and covers South East Asia, including India. We will develop there news projects and Innovation for Corporations. And we will monitor, analysis and bring back to Europe some Ideas and Innovations as the[…]

Machine Learning + Lean

Machine Learning Meets the Lean Startup: At Novamint we love Steve Blank! And this article is worth reading: Machine Learning Meets the Lean Startup Posted on November 18, 2016 by steveblank We just finished our Lean LaunchPad class at UC Berkeley’s engineering school where many of the teams embedded machine learning technology into their products. It[…]


Novamint is actively working on blockchain. We would like to share the presentation of Vitalik Buterin about Public blockchain scalability Vitalik is a Russian programmer and writer primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Click to view the presentation by Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin

Technology at the end of 2016

Ben Thompson analysis on is particularly inspiring. We are delighted to share it with you. THE STATE OF TECHNOLOGY AT THE END OF 2016 – Tuesday, December 13, 2016 This is the third year I have written an article summarizing the state of technology. In 2014 I described the three historical epochs of[…]

Alexa and Google Assistant have a problem

Voice and personal assistants have not yet demonstrated their ability to be the UI of tomorrow. Novamint is pleased to share this article by JASON DEL REY offering interesting statics and analysis of the main challenges and opportunities. Voice & Personal Assistants – Alexa and Google Assistant have a problem: People aren’t sticking with voice[…]

Numerai, the new currency?

Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact on our companies, markets and lifes. In the article, AI meets Wall Street and bitcoins. An interesting read suggested by the Novamint team. AN AI HEDGE FUND CREATED A NEW CURRENCY TO MAKE WALL STREET WORK LIKE OPEN SOURCE AUTHOR: CADE METZ – DATE OF PUBLICATION: 02.21.17 on[…]

Definition of Today Manufacturing and Corporations

The 4th industrial revolution and the new supply chains viewed by The Economist. . The Economist gives a clear and well documented view about how manufacturers’ business model is evolving, from manufacturing products to selling Product As A Service (Paas). It shows that the added value is no longer in assembling but in R&D and[…]

Definition of Risk

The definition of risk dates back from the ancient Greeks and it’s a metafor meaning: difficulty to avoid in the sea. So the point is, for anyone sailing life, it’s impossible to live with zero risk! So we need to learn to move forward in the best safe way!